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2017 WPBA Masters

So one day I started to think about my knowledge/skills in this and that. I literally thought of myself as a 'Jane of all trades, but master of none.' That day, I declared a change in my life to begin purposefully pursuing something I do to become a 'master'/professional of. I chose to start with pocket billiards aka pool. It's one thing to dream big and another to pursue it!

I went to the 2017 WPBA Masters with the goal of finishing at least on spot further than the 2016 Rivers Open; I took 25th place in the Open. I came one match short of that goal. Although I didn't finish that event as hoped, I am proud to be ranked among the top 32 athletes in the Women's Professional Billiards Association!

I worked so hard in learning numerous aspects of the sport and am still learning. I will never forget the words of Linda Haywood-Shea. One day she told me, "girl, you need to expand your knowledge of the game." I took on her advice immediately and those words still ring in my ears today.

I am so grateful to those who have helped me along the way! I feel blessed by God and humbled at the same time as I live this dream!

Here's a vlog of my time at the 2017 WPBA Masters! Looking forward to the 2017 WPBA Rivers Open this spring!

Much love to my long standing sponsors: Triple Nines Bar & Billiards and Coins of the Realm (Veteran shop specializing in grading vintage coins, stamps, precious metals & jewelry)

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