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3 Tournaments 1 Month!

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

So in my previous blog post, I showcased highlights from the Gulf Coast Ladies Tour Invitational event in the Austin, Texas area! This was a part of my preparation for the WPBA Aramitha/DR Pool Classic. As a recap, I finished 2nd in the round-robin stage, was seeded on the top 32 double-elimination bracket, and cashed 9th in the event!

Two weeks after the Gulf Coast event, I played in my backyard at the season finale of the J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s Tour. It was held in my home room - Triple Nines Bar & Billiards. Pool life is a funny thing - I couldn’t get in stroke the entire event, made uncharacteristic misses (felt like a ton of them), and lost my first match on livestream. By some miracle, however, I was able to grind through the 1-loss side and advanced to day 2 - the money rounds - guaranteed 7/8th place. Yet another miracle occurred - I won two matches and took 4th place. Whew! 😅


Last, but not least, just two days following the JPNEWT tourney, I headed to Wisconsin to compete in the WPBA Aramith/DR Pool Classic in Rothschild, WI! In my travels there, I stopped at the McDermott shop in Menomonee Falls! Stay tuned for the release of something I hope you’ll enjoy! It is always a great time with the staff at Mcdermott! My first visit there I had the opportunity to go on tour of the entire factory, seeing how the cues are made! This time I got to demo the new Defy Shaft and met its creator too! It plays awesome - Massés are effortless!

The next morning began my trek to Rothschild which is in the Wausau area. I passed signs for Green Bay and even Osh Kosh (so this is where they make Oshkosh B’gosh clothes, huh?🤔 😜). So this WPBA event was In two stages allowing for a field larger than 64 players. The top players were guaranteed a seeded spot in the final bracket. Those ranked below that had to compete against each other in stage one to earn a spot in the final stage. Only the top 8 (top 4 from winner and loser side) advanced.

Unfortunately for me I did not advance to the final stage. My first match was a bit rocky in play. However, following matches were much better. All of my matches were close in score.

Since I had a free day before competing in the last chance bracket, I decided to compete in the Dr Pool amateur mixed 10-ball tourney. The races were based on Fargo ratings. I played really good but came a little shy of the money rounds!

Finally, at 9am Saturday morning, I competed in the WPBA’s last chance tourney for those ladies who didn’t advance to the final stage of the event! It started our very sweet as I clean-swept my opponent with roughly 2-3 missed shots out of the entire match! I give mad props to Gene Albrecht, my first opponent in the amateur 10-ball tourney, for my play in that match and going forward. What Gene did the day before was compliment my play and gave me a one on one session on his Perfect Aim system. What a game changer! I will have to continue working it so that it’s second nature. So, on the Last Chance bracket, as the others, so close but not close enough to making some money! Sometimes it’s the lesson you receive or learn that’s worth the cost of admission then bringing home a check! This event was that for me.

Congratulations to Kelly Fisher for winning the main event and Hanna Kwon for taking the Last Chance bracket!

For 2020, I’m looking forward to being a much, much more consistent player as I continue growing in the sport and as a person!

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