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Pool, Carom & Billiards, Oh my!

Sometimes when I visit my home pool room (Triple Nines Bar & Billiards) during the unlimited play special it's a packed house. During times like that, there's usually a waiting list. This particular day, I decided to get on the only free table, the billiards table. Shortly afterwards, I had the pleasure of being joined by a young man. Although we were both pretty rusty, we had a blast. Here's a clip of a few shots and very close ones too 😉 3-cushion billiards.

One of my billiards/pool sisters taught me this game back in the fall. I never got the official name of the game but I believe it may be called Cowboy Billiards or at least played similar to it. Actually, I believe it's a form of a Korean style carom game though.

So the other night I decided to play it and have added it to my practice routine since. Here are a few shots Billiards and Caroms.

I LOVE this sport! ❤️

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