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2021 American 14.1 Championships

Program 2021
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Note: The blog was sitting in my drafts since October 2021. I forgot to actually publish it.

What an experience I had at the 2021 American 14.1 Championships - women's division! Ever since a guy approached me about joining a 14.1 league, I've been hooked on the game. I had zero experience with the game but heard it's the game to learn and play. It was timely when the guy approached me because I informed him that I don't play the game but it was next on my list to learn. I immediately looked for instructional videos and found Mike Segal's. It was a crash course for me since I had just less than a week to learn something about the game before I start the league

I didn't perform as well as I had hoped but was truly happy for the experience. Although I only won 1 match, I had some great moments in the others. What made my weekend was Tony Robles feedback after he watched my final match against Pia Filler. In a nutshell, he told me that I was taking correct shots and making right decisions. He encouraged me to continue the good work as I continue to learn the game. In that moment, I felt like I got a passing grade from a teacher.

I look forward to the 2022 even

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